3 comments on “The MBA and Life Checklist: Choosing your MBA Program (Part 1)

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  2. I am a Chemical Engineer with about 30 years experiecene in Indian industry

    I am considering for my daughter Ms Chanchal Menon an MBA program at Kellog possibly for the fall of 2015 . I have heard that it is a good program from my uncle Dr Gopi Menon former Director of Abbot .

    Chanchal is now preapring for her GMAT . Is there anything else she needs to do to qualify and as parent please let me know how much is course fee that I need to support and also if any financial scholarship she will get thorugh She is Chemcial engineer from The Satyabhama University at Chennai

    I am looking forward to your advice

    • Hello,

      Thank you so much for your questions and your interest in Kellogg!

      Regarding your questions about qualifications, you can find more about criteria for admission here: http://kell.gg/1jBr59B

      You can also learn about tuition, financial aid and scholarships here: http://kell.gg/1lTsCI9

      Please let us know if we can answer any other questions for you. You can also reach out to our Office of Admissions at MBAadmissions@kellogg.northwestern.edu, and an admissions officer will assist you.

      Lauren, Kellogg Community Manager

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