3 comments on “10 tips to be an effective design thinker

  1. Hello. Interesting subject on design thinking. Not that I really need to attend college again. And although I tutor students only Spring, Summer, and Fall; What can a person do for work with an MBA in design thinking. How does this curriculum prepare students for the money hungry world ?

    • We apologize for the delayed response to your question. We asked one of our admissions officers your question and here’s her response:

      I’d encourage you to think of MMM as not just a degree in design thinking- the MMM degree gives students a portfolio of skills and design thinking is among them. With MMM you are receiving a strong general management education from Kellogg and design innovation courses that are complementary to business. It allows students to look at problems and create end-to-end, holistic solutions. It encourages creativity in the business world and encourages empathy. Students in this program are fully prepared to enter the business world, just like any graduating Kellogg student.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions or if we can do anything else to help out. Have a great day.

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