29 comments on “A letter to an incoming MBA student | MBA Learnings

  1. First of all, Thank you for the time devoted on writing this article.
    I am about to start my 1Y MBA next June and I could not thing of a better summary than what you just wrote.
    Please, rest assured that your article was of great help.
    Thiago de Assis Silva

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  3. Very insightful article, full of wisdom! Thank you so much writing this, it was definitely very helpful and worth reading. I am looking at the MBA as an opportunity to transform myself, to really step my game up and be the best version of myself possible. And from what I’ve just read, you appear to share this attitude.

  4. Hi Rohan,

    Loved your article. I am about to start my 2Y MBA this year and I must say your article definitely provided me an inside perspective and pushed me to think more about my priorities 🙂

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  6. Hi Rohan. Thank you for this amazing post. I will be joining business school at Tuck this fall. The insights you shared will be incredibly useful. I appreciate your gesture 🙂

  7. Hi Rohan,

    Brilliant and insightful writing. I’m planning to apply for fall 2016 and this article is extremely helpful.

  8. Hi Rohan,

    Good read article and wonderful piece of advice !

    I have recently started preparing for applying for b-schools and would like to stay in touch. I’d really appreciate your advice in my pursuit of MBA application.

    Abhijeet Ghosh.

  9. What an incredible blogpost and article, Rajiv! Thanks a tonne for putting in the effort to offer us all this insight. It is super helpful and shows us the realities of what to expect in an MBA (from someone who has not been there and done that), while not forgoing on the hope and positivity that we all are aiming to make the most of when we consider this as an avenue to greater things.

    I’ll be starting at Wharton very soon, and will keep this in my back pocket (bookmark) along with your daily blog. Now, just need to make sure I set aside the time for reflection to ensure that I’m putting it into practice.

    If ya don’t mind, I’ll hope to not only follow your blogs, but also be in touch more personally. I can relate a fair bit to your background, but it is precisely because your experience is quite different to mine that I want to be in touch. You also seem like the type of down-to-earth, high-achiever that your post implies we MBAs should keep as company. So I’m hoping to implement your advice a bit in that sense 😉

    Cheers and hope to connect soon

    • Glad it resonated. 🙂 Sure – if you follow alearningaday, you should be able to hit reply and reach me.

      All the best.. and congrats on starting at Wharton – great school!

  10. Its really good n encouraging article Rohan.
    I am doing my MBA now and please guide me again.

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  12. Hey Rohan – I am a Kellogg EMBA student and have to say your article is very well articulated and it shares some valuable insights. Good luck and you are about to start a great journey.

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